iTunes and Your Time Zone

I wanted to post a solution that Pablo told me regarding fixing the iTunes backup problems. Pablo found that when he changed his time zone (he didn’t mention what he changed it to), the sync and backup problems were fixed.  This is what Pablo wrote:

To fix the “iTunes could not back up the iPhone because the backup session failed” bug found on itunes 9.2, you have to change your computer TIME ZONE and you will be able to backup witn no problems. This little trick fixed my two computers, one with XP and the other with Windows 7.

If this works for you, please let me know (post a comment) and thank Pablo for telling us about this.

You can find Pablo’s comment post here:


33 Responses to iTunes and Your Time Zone

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  3. Ravinder says:

    Changing the time zone to another random time zone worked for me! How in the world did he stumble upon that?

  4. GLun says:

    Looked for solutions for 2 weeks and finally found this web. Thank you.

  5. Linkrj says:

    Works for me perfectly!!!


  6. Matias says:

    IT works!!!!!!!!!!!
    I have tried everything with no success.
    Just changing the time zone it works.
    Devil is around. And the guy who found it….is GOD :p

  7. Marco says:

    DOes it solve ALL Itunes 9.2 synch problems on windows?

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  9. Smarrito says:

    I´ve just had this problem here in Brazil. And changing the time zone works for me too… thanks a lot !!!

  10. Manoj says:

    Thanks bro u r great. Changing the time zone solved all my problems with itunes 10, Thanks !!!!!!!!!!

  11. Alexandre says:

    Just an additional information that may help others facing the same problem.
    I had this problem for some time and when I found this timezone tip I was able to finally backup my ipod touch.
    However, the next time I did a backup, the problem came back again. I tried again to change time zones but it did not worked… I tried a lot of different timezones, without success.
    Then I ran a Diagnostic Test in iTunes (go to Help > Run diagnostics)fot the the Device Sync. During the tests, the usual error came in. In the last screen, there is a summary of the test and I notice a line saying my Current local time was 23:45 when it was actually 20:43 in the clock in the system tray. So I changed one more time the timezone, from GMT-03 to GMT (that set my clock to 23:45, the same time reported by iTunes. Then I could backup with no problems.
    So… I am not sure if it helps or not but if changing the timezone randomically is not working, try matching with the time reported by itunes in the diagnostic. It worked for me…

  12. JC says:


    It works!! Thanks a lot.

    I want to know whats the logic behind this solution?

    Thanks again.

  13. orenJ says:

    I can’t believe Apple has a severe bug like this… since Ver.9…

    It solved the problem when i switched to GMT.
    I have itunes Ver.10
    Thank you for the help!

  14. Gley Riviery says:

    This problem is unexplainable related to disabling “daylight saving time” option on Windows. On some countries, when daylight saving time starts and windows system clock do not adjust the system clock, a conflict appears with iphone backup and sync servers time, resulting on corefoundation.dll error.

    Changing the time zone to another without “daylight saving” option, or enabling this option, solves the problem.

    Hope it helps.

  15. Gley Riviery says:

    Acho que você deve ser brasileiro, então vou responder em PT-BR: acho que seu problema continuou porque você provavelmente desligou também a opção “sincronizar automaticamente com um servidor de horário na internet”, ou utiliza algum que não o da própria Microsof ( Isso gerou um conflito entre o horário do syncserver e o horário do system clock do Windows.

    • Alexandre says:

      Valeu mesmo ! Deve ser isto. Eu estou viajando e não tenho como testar mas eu costumo deixar a opção desligada… Que bug FDP ! Valeu pela dica.

  16. navin says:

    Finally I was able to fix it and backed it up. Changed windows time zone from Central Time to Central America.

    Itunes was saving a backup file from 12-31-2000. Is this nuts are what?


    Thank you all!

  17. Tunisian says:

    Just changing the time zone it works.

  18. Karla says:

    Worked fine for my iPod Touch, thank you!

  19. sauda817 says:


    Thx for the info…
    Didn’t know that the time zone will fix my prob i have with itunes 10.

    Thx for your post.


  20. Dmitry Lyakhov says:


    Thank you very much for your post !!! Changed time zone from Russia to United Arab Emirates and everythind syncs just perfectly!!


  21. Lucy says:

    Hi! This problem happend to me just today.
    i am very happy i find this web page!!

    i now can sincroyned my ipoooooooooooood without any problems!

  22. ron says:

    thank you very much it worked. the error messages started to come after i have canceled the day light saving. problem solved in a second just after setting day light saving on again. (have changed time manually)

  23. JOhn says:

    Thank you!!! It works!!!!

  24. JUAN BERNAL says:


  25. gizax says:

    Incredible ! Incroyable !

    this worked !
    ça a fonctionné !

    I have tried a lot of things but the problem was only this !
    J’ai essayé plein de choses mais le problème ne venaitque de là !

    I used iTunes (up to date) and the bug is here !
    J’utilise iTunes (à jour) et le bogue est toujours là !

    Thank you very much.
    Merci beaucoup.

  26. Farkas says:

    Interesting that this Apple bug still isn’t fixed after more then a year… I just had the same bug on my I-phone 4 when I tried to back up the Iphone. Problem started after both my computer and Iphone had automatically switched from summertime to wintertime 1 day ago. Changing the timezone on my computer to a similar timezone having the same actual time fixed the problem. Weird.

  27. asfsdge says:

    thanx a lot

  28. fmoreno says:

    Thanks it also worked from me on top of renaming the libraries (related article). This happened to me with itunes 10.

  29. Hernán says:

    I have the same problem with iTunes, windows XP Service Pack 3 and iPhone 5. I have time zone Buenos Aires, wihout daylight saving time. I enable DST, and the problem desapear.

  30. Agustin says:

    Time zone change works at first time.
    I tried it before the other things, and works perfectly.
    Thansk a lot.

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