Cancer – Day Thirteen

March 27, 2011

I received a Facebook message from my friend Dan this morning saying he was praying for me. Dan and Linda are awesome Christians in my life and have always lifted my up when I’m feeling low, even when going through trials of their own. They are very special to me.  I told Dan that God was showing himself to me in many ways lately, and that all I had to do was listen to Him.

How busy and/or stressed you are in your life can drown out what God is trying to tell you. It has certainly been like that for me. Since my cancer diagnosis I’ve been able to slow down and listen. This is when God’s “voice” can get louder. I’m not talking about a voice in the audible sense, but a voice in the sense of a feeling that you get inside of you. Maybe it is a softening of the heart too, I don’t know, but maybe it is a softening of the hardened brain that this world creates. The brain that you feel you must have to survive in a world where money is the ultimate drive of everyone’s life.

Don’T worry, I won’T tell you wHat to do with your monEy. :)

So, I’m listening more. That makes me hear more. And that makes me feel much better about my life and to have a better outlook on just about everything.  You might even say that having cancer has actually been a blessing in my life. I know some might disagree, and I might even disagree after my surgery and during radiation treatment. I don’t know, but I will keep my feet planted firmly on the ground in Christ and keep listening for what God has planned for me.

Many of you have reached out to me by reading my daily thoughts and have told me about your own cancer experiences, or how what I’ve written has touched you. Let me tell you, I am honored and blessed to have such wonderful people surrounding me and sharing these experiences with me.

Today’s verse (for Paul G.):

For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain. Philippians 1:21


2 Responses to Cancer – Day Thirteen

  1. Jonathan says:

    yes, a hardened brain for sure, money is the root of all evil, it wasn’t cancer that God used to show me the evils around me, it was when I had no money, nothing zero zippo, it was then that was when I was finally unstressed, I stood firm in Gods plan for me and let him lead me. The people you touch are in Gods great works.
    Gods Blessings & prayers to you Charles.

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