Cancer – Day Twenty-Four

April 7, 2011

So I was released from prison for a little while again today’ but only to be taken to Kaiser to pick up more prescriptions and then go get Noelle at school.  Lynnanne won’t let me drive yet because of the meds; I guess that is understandable.

I have a new stand/carrier for my iPad that makes it easier to use on the go ao right now I am typing this while sitting in the car waiting for Lynnanne to get the last of the prescriptions. Kaiser can’t seem to get things right and they messed up the antibiotic Dr. Chin ordered.

The clouds are rolling in and it’s looking like a storm is brewing. I love this kind of weather though because it is nice out yet not too hot (hot being the norm for our type of weather). Alas my adventurous outing is coming to a quick end as we are now headed back home. Yes, this is as exciting as my days gets. Thank God for Dan sending me jokes on Facebook. That helps to break up the day.

My sister Jackie came by for a visit. Although the visit was short, it was nice to see her. She has been so busy lately with her volunteer work with the California Coast Guard that she hasn’t much time for anything else. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though because it is something that she’s wanted to do for a long time.  We talked a bit about the surgery; I showed her the video of my mouth to give her a better idea of what they did, and we danced and sang la la la. Just kidding. Duh. I was in pain as usual so I wasn’t much for conversation. But, because of all the humor lately (DAN!), I can joke about it here.  I hope you come visit me more Jackie, it was nice.

Flower in my backyard.

Dinner time rolls around and Lynnanne is whipping up some of her much desired sandwiches.  If you haven’t had one, ask her sometime to make you one and you will never want a deli sandwich made by anyone else.

Now, I’ve been very hungry but unable to eat anything because of this gnawing pain. I’ve even dropped my than twenty pounds since the surgery.  Since the pain meds now have me flying high, I’m ready to try something like eggs. No luck though, the eggs just won’t go down like they should. At least I was able to eat most of the milkshake Lynnanne made to get the protein I need.

That’s about all for today. My prayer for me tonight is that God will hear my prayers when I am awake all night long in pain, and he will comfort me and reduce the pain so I can rest.  Better yet, I pray that I have a completely restful and relatively pain free night. I need the rest.

Today’s verse:

My God, I cry out by day, but you do not answer, by night, but I find no rest. – Psalm 22:2


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