Cancer – Day Twenty-Eight

April 11, 2011

Well, I finally got some sleep last night. I reduced the amount of Vicodin I was taking throughout the day and took an Ativan to relax me and help me sleep.  That only worked to help me sleep for about an hour because I woke up in pain again and had to take more Vicodin.  That was around 11:30 pm and I fell asleep from around midnight to 2:30 am.  Once I get up it is hard to fall asleep again because of the jumpy/restless feeling the Vicodin gives me; so I lay there until it was time to test Stevie’s blood sugar at 3:30 am.  Tested Stevie, took some Ibuprofen, cracked open the Bible and read until I fell asleep, which I am guessing was around 4 am.

At 8:30 am I awoke to a vibrating phone from text messages, lol.  That’s a good thing so don’t stop texting me!  I guess people assume that I’ll be up, which would be a good assumption; however, this morning was finally different.  Although the sleep was broken up, I felt a sense of rest that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Finally.

Another good piece of news, my pain was so much less today that I have not take any, yes I repeat, ANY Vicodin today.  I am strictly taking Ibuprofen to try to wean myself from that nasty “V” drug!  Most people I talked with today about the Vicodin gave me their “V” drug stories.  Some love it, others, well they all love it.  Not me. After being on it for so long and at such high doses I am hoping never to take another drop!  Obviously with my radiation treatment coming up I probably will need to use it again, but until then, I AM DONE WITH IT!

Becky and Steve came to pick me up and take me to the office today for Kyle’s birthday “party.”  The party is basically singing happy birthday, eating cake and socializing for a bit.  It was very nice to be able to come and see everyone, even though I couldn’t sing or eat cake.  I had a nice visit.

Besides working a bit in the morning, I worked a little on my family tree research that I’ve been doing the past few days.


To help with my boredom, I joined and started making my family tree.  So far I am back to the late 1500’s in my ancestor search.  It is fascinating.  I have a lot of material provided to me by my parents to get me started, and the amount you can find in public documents online is astonishing.  You should try it if you have the time.

Everyone is gone right now so I’m alone with my thoughts.  Lynnanne and Stevie and getting shoes, Tyler and Hanna (GF) are with them to get dinner and an oil drip pan for his car, Sam is who knows where, and Noelle is at her dad’s for the night.  It’s very quiet; even the dog isn’t barking.

Thank you everyone for your continued prayers to relieve my pain. God has answered with his mighty healing hand!  Pray that this will continue and that I will get more of the rest I need tonight.  Also pray that tomorrow I am able to eat something more solid than chicken broth.  Remember, praying works!

Today’s verse:

Again he prayed, and the heavens gave rain, and the earth produced its crops. – James 5:18



4 Responses to Cancer – Day Twenty-Eight

  1. Janice Gates says:

    Alan and I just prayed for you and Lynnanne. We LOVE you both and admire your courage!!!! So very sorry to be so far away!!!! We truly wish we could be more of a daily presence in your lives.

  2. Jim Morris says:


    You are such an inspiration! Never, never quit. I am so happy about your progress and you have a lot of people caring for you and praying for you. I can’t imagine your pain but marvel at your perseverance, which is a humbling lesson for us all.

    Keep writing and keep fighting my friend!!

    • Thanks Jim,
      I had not intended my writing to inspire anyone but myself and keep me motivated, but I’m glad that it is having that kind of effect!
      As long as I am able, I’ll keep writing!

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