Cancer – Day Seventy-Eight

May 31, 2011
Today starts my second round of chemotherapy. Because I had a hard time with the first large dose, they changed it to a lower dose given weekly rather than the large dose given every three weeks. Although this form of the treatment is not as effective, it should be easier on my body. Renal failure was their biggest fear with the other treatment.

I’ve been using the feeding tube to get the majority of my nutrition and fluids. It is getting more and more difficult to take anything by mouth because of the blistering from the radiation and I have no saliva anymore. It is amazing just how important saliva is; there is no way to eat without it unless the food is liquid or totally wet. Everything tastes like plastic now anyway. The sour acid taste is slowly going away, thankfully.

I am much more prepared for this round of chemo than the last one since I’ve been dealing with the mouth problems for so long now. I’ve figured out a good combination of liquids for rinsing my mouth to help keep the bad taste and thick saliva to a minimum. This is a lot of maintenance throughout the day but helps keep my nausea at bay.

The chemo makes you very sensitive to smells. There are a lot of people here in the poison room today and many of them really stink. I could smell them as soon as they came in the room. Hope I don’t smell bad! :)

Today’s verse:
My comfort in my suffering is this: Your promise preserves my life. – Psalm 119:50


3 Responses to Cancer – Day Seventy-Eight

  1. Bruce Gintoft says:

    Charles, it is truly refreshing to see that your sense of humor was not killed by the chemotherapy! I am praying for you! You shall overcome all of the nasty stuff. Praise be to God!!

  2. Diane says:

    Yeah Charles,

    So good to see you on the blog again. I take it as a good sign. Loved the humor in this one. Keep it up. I think it has to help.

    Love, Diane

  3. Elaine says:

    I’m glad your latest chemo has gone a little better. Hang in there. I look forward to the day when you will be looking back at all this. That day will come. My prayer for you will be that you can find a blessing/bright spot in each day to lift your spirits. We love you and are still praying!

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