Cancer – Day Ninety-Nine

June 21, 2011
Today was my last chemotherapy treatment. Yay. It didn’t start off well though because I threw up while I was there. It was mostly due to the disgusting taste in my mouth and the meds I’m on it think. Only three more radiation treatments after today.

Over the weekend the pain increased significantly so they upped my medications. I am fighting to stay awake, especially right now because if I dose off, I wake up with nausea and end up throwing up. If I stand then I can keep myself awake, but that’s hard to do all the time. The second I sit down it’s a losing battle.

I’ve lost more weight again so they want me to get more calories into my body each day. I haven’t been able to hit the calorie goal for quite a while now. We are going to try adding more to the feeding bag during the overnight feeding. This means increasing the rate it is pumped into my body too. Hopefully my stomach can handle it.

I want to thank all of you who have posted comments on my blog, and for your emails and Facebook messages. Sorry I have not replied to the blog comments but I wanted you to know that I see all of them and they are much appreciated.

Tomorrow I see the radiation doctor and hopefully will find out more of what to expect after treatments end. So far I have been told that the pain will continue to get worse for a couple weeks after because the radiation lingers in the body. At some point after that it should start to subside and I should start to feel better.

I am so looking forward to being able to say I am in the recovery phase rather than the treatment phase.


2 Responses to Cancer – Day Ninety-Nine

  1. Janice Gates says:

    Charles you are such a special person I LOVE YOU!!!

  2. Barry Smith says:

    You are incredible. There are no words I can share that can adequately express my appreciation for your stamina and attitude in the midst of all this. You are a FAR better man than I. I mean that. You are loved and missed at church. I can’t wait to see how God will use this horrible circumstance to advance His purposes… in fact, He already has. :)

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