My father taught me programming on his TRS-80 (trash 80) at an early age. For years programming and tinkering with computers was just a hobby. It wasn’t until later in life that I realized programming was what I should be doing as a career, so in my late 20’s I decided to go back to college to get my Computer Science degree.  In 1993, I joined Health Financial Systems as a part-time student programmer, moving to a full-time position in 1995.  Currently, I am the Chief Software Architect at Health Financial Systems where we develop Medicare Cost Report software for Medicare providers throughout the United States and its territories.

Why CGates Mobile? I chose this simply because I was trying to create a distinction between my work and personal email on my iPhone (mobile). I also enjoy driving my Saturn Sky (pictured above), while listening to music and collecting my thoughts about the days events or just life in general.  This blog is my way of documenting some of my thoughts or things about me and is not intended to be of any use to anyone else. The writings on this blog in no way reflect the thoughts or opinions of my employer.

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